Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LOL Over My WTF Response to DFW

CN ("C'mon now"), WTF ("What the fuck") am I STD ("Supposed to do")? HaHaHa—you thought I meant sexually-transmitted disease. Admit it.

I JDGI ("Just don't get it"). Seriously. Do you? Man...

For example, WWSD ("What would Shakespeare do")? I'll tell you WGWD ("What Grabowski would do"). In a nut (back off, Ians of the world!), I might HTLMM ("Have to lose my mind") over this HHS ("Happy horse shit").

IF ("In fact"), I just did.

POYLP ("Proud of yourselves, little people")?

YSB ("You should be").

GALYCAO ("Go ahead, laugh your collective ass off").

YS ("You've succeeded").

NGRAB ("Now go read a book").

WAIASPBAIP ("What am I, another sock puppet bitching about Internet 'Protocol'?)

WY ("Well, yeah.")

Lighten up! Simply appreciate my well-intentioned jest! It means nothing. NOTHING, I tell you. Ignore my words. You don't have time for this self-indulgent noodling.

YIVOLIKEWVALNPDAUM ("Your intentional vandalization of language is killing everything we value about lyricism, nuance, poetic depth, and ultimate meaningfullness.") Crapshinski—is "meaningfullness" even a valid word?


Figure it out (or FIO)....